As Jennifer Lawrence shocks fans with full-frontal nude scene in No Hard Feelings

Nude scenes have always been a taboo topic in Hollywood. While some actors have stood firm in their decision not to undress on camera, other actors don’t mind showing off their goods, or at least are willing to do it for the right role.

The scene: Jennifer Lawrence's raunchy summer comedy and box office hit No Hard Feelings is now on Netflix, and the actress has opened up about her nude scene in the film

Most recently, Netflix viewers were shocked to see that Jennifer Lawrence went full-frontal for a scene in the comedy No Hard Feelings.

In the movie, Lawrence stars as Maddie Barker, an Uber driver and bartender who answers a Craigslist ad from Percy’s (Andrew Barth Feldman) parents to help him have some romantic experience before he goes off to college.

The scene shows Lawrence’s character Maddie going skinny dipping with Percy before their clothes are stolen.

Jennifer Lawrence says it was 'hilarious' to film nude scene in No Hard  Feelings - Irish Mirror Online

A naked Maddie then runs across sand to aggressively reclaim them from a group of pranksters.

While many wondered if the Hunger Games actress used a body double for the comedic scene, she revealed that she eagerly filmed the scene herself. 

‘Everyone in my life and my team is doing the right thing and going, “Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?”‘ she told Variety.

‘I didn’t even have a second thought. It was hilarious to me.’

Jennifer Lawrence's full-frontal nude scene stuns Netflix viewers | — Australia's leading news site

Most stars don’t do nude scenes for their own amusement. Instead, many find it to be a rite of passage for their acting careers or feel it is the only way to accurately portray a role.

Nudity was extremely common in films from the early 70s considering certain censorship rules hadn’t been put in place.

Jennifer Lawrence, +18 Sahnelerle Gündem Olan 'No Hard Feelings'deki  Çırılçıplak Sahnesiyle İlgili Konuştu

Even though Hollywood started to increase censorship as time went on, directors found creative ways to push the boundaries and still incorporate the nudity they had in their artistic vision. 

Here are all those actors who brought that vision to life themselves instead of by using body doubles. 

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