“Barcelona Beach Fun: Shakira Bodyboards with Sons Sasha and Milan, Flaunts Stunning Physique”

During the lockdown, Shakira has been residing in her family’s residence in Barcelona. Recently, the 43-year-old singer decided to take advantage of the gorgeous location and took her sons, Sasha who is five years old and Milan who is seven years old, to the beach on Thursday. Shakira put on a wetsuit and displayed her bodyboarding abilities while having fun with her kids.

Beach day: Shakira, 43, made the most of her stunning location by heading to Barcelona beach with her sons Sasha, five, and Milan, seven, on Thursday

Shakira, who is 43 years old, spent a fun day at the beach in Barcelona with her two young sons, Sasha (5) and Milan (7). She looked amazing in a cut-off Roxy swimsuit that showed off her legs, and went for a natural, makeup-free look. Her sons wore matching wetsuits in red and black and enjoyed trying out their boards before joining their mom in the water. After the beach fun, Shakira stripped down to a strapless bikini top, revealing her trim waist, and loaded up the car. During the coronavirus pandemic, Shakira has been spending time with her children while her partner, Gerard Piqué, has been playing football for Barcelona FC.

Summer fun: The singer showed off her figure in a wetsuit before stripping down to a strapless top as she loaded up the car

During the summer, the singer flaunted her physique in a wetsuit and later changed into a strapless top while packing up the car. In addition to her usual hobbies, the talented artist took up new activities during lockdown. She recently shared on Twitter that she completed an online Ancient Philosophy course from the University of Pennsylvania after putting in several hours when her children were asleep. Expressing gratitude to Plato and other predecessors, the singer added a touch of humor regarding her “impractical” interests.

Lesson from mum: The mum of two looked incredible in her Roxy suit, with the cut-off style showing off her legs

My mother taught me this valuable lesson: She looked absolutely stunning in her Roxy swimsuit that featured a flattering cut-off style, which also highlighted her toned legs.

Skills: The Colombian beauty looked full of confidence as she ran out of the surf, board in hand

The Colombian stunner appeared self-assured as she dashed out of the waves with her surfboard in tow. Shakira took to Twitter to share her certificate of completion for a recent course, which prompted many admirers to express their admiration with kind words. “@witness_fran” remarked, “We adore an intellectual queen,” while “@RaysGoat” joked, “Can you imagine being partnered with Shakira for a school project?”

Family time: Her sons wore matching red and black wetsuits as their tried out their boards, before relaxing with their mum in the surf

Spending quality time with her family, Shakira watched as her sons donned matching red and black wetsuits and tested out their surfboards before joining her in the waves. @dojasruIes took to Twitter to thank Shakira for emphasizing the importance of education during these tough times with a heartfelt message. In 2007, Shakira also took a brief history course at the University of California, Los Angeles. It’s hard to believe that just four months ago, she was rocking the Super Bowl halftime show with Jennifer Lopez.

Beauty and brains: The multi-talented singer has also found the time for some new hobbies during lockdown, recently revealing she completed an online course in Ancient Philosophy

During the time of lockdown, the versatile singer managed to develop some new interests and skills. In addition to her singing talent, she also pursued an online course on Ancient Philosophy, indicating that she is not only beautiful but also intelligent.

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