“Bedtime Chic: Selena Gomez’s Comfy Street Style”

Selena Gomez made headlines yet again for her fashion choices, as she was spotted wearing three different outfits in a single day during her promotional tour for her new music in Paris. After leaving London, the singer opted for a unique ensemble consisting of a blue pajama set upon arriving at her hotel. However, it was evident that Selena was experimenting with a new look, as she accessorized with heavy makeup and elevated her style with high heels.


Selena Gomez garners quite the buzz when she steps out in her pajamas on the street.


The woman vocalist has arrived in Paris to further publicize her latest musical creation.



Selena’s stunning visage was adorned with expertly applied makeup. Later in the day, she swapped her outfit and headed to a recording studio. Her attire consisted of a gorgeous white dress featuring a daring backless design, which she paired with dazzling Christian Louboutin shoes. Dailymail praised Selena’s alluring and sophisticated appearance as she graced the streets of Paris.


Selena has switched to her second outfit for the day.



Selena rocked a stunning white dress with a daring backless design for her third outfit of the day. Her hair was neatly tied up and she donned a bold red lipstick to complete the look. Currently in the midst of promoting her album “Revival” through interviews and performances, Selena’s warmth towards fans who asked for photos only added to her appeal.


Selena Gomez looked absolutely stunning in an elegant gown.


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