“Behind the Scenes with Katy Perry: Revelations about her Coronation Concert Gown and Heartwarming Moments with Family and Fiancé Orlando Bloom”

Katy Perry delighted her Instagram followers by sharing some behind-the-scenes moments after her performance at the Coronation concert on Sunday night. The singer wowed the crowd at Windsor Castle alongside Lionel Richie and Take That to honor King Charles III’s recent coronation. In a post on Instagram, Katy showed off the stunning Vivienne Westwood gown she wore on stage, which featured delicate embroidery that read ‘Katy Perry [Crown symbol] Charles III 2023 VW’ on the lining. Katy also shared a sweet moment with her Pentecostal pastor mother Mary Perry, and her fiancé Orlando Bloom expressed his pride in her performance.

Me and my mum: After performing at Sunday night's Coronation concert, Katy Perry shared some backstage details with her Instagram followers including a backstage cuddle with her mum

Myself and my mom: Following her performance at the Coronation concert on Sunday night, Katy Perry took to Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes happenings. Among them was a sweet moment where she cuddled with her mom backstage.

Queen KP: In the early hours of Monday morning, she took to the photosharing site to show the inside of the Vivienne Westwood she wore on stage

Queen KP shared a glimpse of her Vivienne Westwood outfit worn during her performance on Monday, posting photos on a popular photo-sharing platform. The post was made in the early hours of the morning.

Superstar: The Firework songstress, 38, joined stars including Lionel Richie and Take That in lighting up the stage at Windsor Castle in honour of King Charles III following his Coronation at Westminster Abbey the previous day

The sensational performer known for the hit song “Firework,” aged 38, was among a group of talented artists such as Lionel Richie and Take That who delivered an electrifying performance at Windsor Castle. The celebration was held to pay tribute to King Charles III after his Coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey the day before.

His love: Her fiancé Orlando Bloom gushed over his wife

Orlando Bloom, the fiancé of this woman, can’t stop gushing about his love for her wife.

Stunner: She also posed within Windsor castle in a stunning snap shared on Monday

Beauty: On Monday, she shared a breathtaking photo of herself posing at the Windsor Castle.

Katy Perry wowed the crowd of 20,000 at the King Charles and Queen Camilla’s Concert with her famous hits. She looked stunning in a massive gold metallic dress that showcased her vocals, accompanied by an impressive light show and pyrotechnics. One of the drones formed a tiger’s head as a nod to her song “Roar.” Katy expressed her gratitude to his majesty for the opportunity to perform and the privilege of staying in a castle with her mother. Her dress featured a sculpted bodice, plunging neckline, enormous princess skirt, and quirky sleeves with puff detailing at the shoulders. She completed her look with large gold earrings and shared a post of the dress’s delicate embroidery on the inside.

Celebrate: The Royals enjoyed the show from the private box alongside politicians and dignitaries

Amidst the presence of prominent personalities such as politicians and dignitaries, the Royals relished the spectacle while situated in their own exclusive space.

Cheers! She shared a video of the King watching her performance

Hooray! She posted a clip of herself performing and the King was caught on camera watching her.

Wow! The pop icon looked absolutely stunning in a massive golden metallic dress while performing some of her greatest hits for a crowd of over 20,000 people.

What an honour! Beaming Katy thanked his majesty for the privilege and revealed her honour as she gushed: 'I got to bring my mum and stay in a castle!'

Wow, Katy was so grateful and excited to perform for the king! She expressed her gratitude and revealed that she even got to bring her mom and stay in a castle. Her partner, Orlando, also shared his pride and admiration for her on his Instagram page. During the show, Tom Cruise surprised everyone with a cameo appearance, where he flew his Top Gun plane and joked about being the King’s wingman. Other celebrities like Pierce Brosnan and Bear Grylls also discussed the King’s military service during the interlude between performances.

Sideboob: Katy sported a glamorous palette of make-up with metallic accents and slicked her raven tresses back into a bun

Katy flaunted a stunning makeup look featuring metallic highlights and pulled her dark hair back into a bun, revealing a glimpse of side cleavage.

Wow: The stunner oozed confidence as she took to the stage

The woman on stage exuded confidence in a stunning display. King Charles had a military career from 1971 to 1994, serving in both the Navy and Air Force. Tom, star of Top Gun: Maverick, is a known aviation enthusiast and appeared in a P-51 Mustang featured in the film. This cameo was one of several pre-recorded sketches that revealed little-known facts about the monarch. The King and Queen, along with around 20,000 members of the public, attended the Coronation Concert to continue the celebrations after their crowning at Westminster Abbey. The concert featured performances by Paloma Faith, Lionel Richie, Steve Winwood, and was hosted by Hugh Bonneville. Buckingham Palace promised “global music icons and contemporary stars” for the concert, which was the highlight of the second day of coronation celebrations. Classical artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Sir Bryn Terfel, and Lang Lang were also part of the lineup.

Here he is: Elsewhere during the show Tom Cruise made a surprise cameo in a surprise pre-recorded segment

Look who showed up! At a different point in the program, an unexpected pre-recorded segment featured Tom Cruise making a surprise appearance.

Star: The A-list actor, 60, was flying a plane in the cameo during the interlude between performances as stars including Pierce Brosnan and Bear Grylls discussed the King's military service

The famous actor, who is well-known for being at the top of the entertainment industry, took to the skies in a small aircraft during the break between shows. Amongst appearances from other celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan and Bear Grylls, who were discussing the King’s military accomplishments, the 60-year-old actor made a brief cameo as a pilot.

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