Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romantic Affair: Holding On Tight to His Girlfriend

Ever since the actor made his affection for the young model public, he has been spending a lot of quality time with her. One hardly ever catches a glimpse of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star without his lovely girlfriend by his side.

Entertainment - Actor Leonardo is inseparable from his girlfriend

Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be content with his romantic relationship with Camila Morrone. As per the People newspaper, the couple is considering their future together and planning to settle down in a home. Due to the quarantine, Leo has been spending most of his time with Camila and they have become even closer during this period. The source also revealed that the actor has been spending all his time with Camila at his home for months now. Although Leo usually likes to socialize with friends, he has been happy to spend quality time with his partner.

Entertainment - Actor Leonardo is inseparable from his girlfriend (Picture 2).

Over the weekend, the famous Argentine actor celebrated his 23rd birthday in style aboard a luxurious yacht that stretched up to 43 meters in length. He and his partner were spotted arriving at Marian Del Rey Port in Los Angeles, USA, before embarking on a sea adventure with their friends. The yacht left the port at 11am and returned at around 4:30am the next day.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Leonardo donned a snug mask and opted for a casual attire that included a hoodie, jeans, and slippers. His girlfriend, Camila, also kept it simple with a dark dress. Amongst the close friends invited to the party were Kevin Connolly, Lukas Haasm, actress Nina Dobrev, and Olympic athlete Shaun White.

Out of all the relationships Leonardo has had in the past, this particular one seems to be the most public and closest to his heart. The couple openly declared their love for each other towards the end of 2017, and have since been unafraid to show their affection for one another in the public eye. Despite the significant age gap of 23 years, the actor – born in 1974 – appears to be very serious about his girlfriend.

Entertainment - Actor Leonardo is inseparable from his girlfriend (Picture 3).

After starting a relationship with a model 23 years his junior, a Hollywood star has become more private. Reports suggest that he spoils his girlfriend by taking her on luxurious trips and capturing many memories with photos. Recently, the Argentinian model introduced her boyfriend to her mother, and both families are supportive of their love. Camila faced criticism for being with someone much older than her, but she seems unfazed and uses her seduction skills to win over the actor’s heart.

Entertainment - Actor Leonardo is inseparable from his girlfriend (Picture 4).

During the 2020 Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio brought his girlfriend as his date to the prestigious awards ceremony. This isn’t the first time the actor has been seen with her at an important event, as he previously brought supermodel Gisele Bundchen before winning an Oscar. DiCaprio’s current girlfriend is Camila Morrone, a young model of Argentine descent who has gained fame for her stunning looks and physique. Morrone has graced the covers of Vogue and Sports Illustrated, and has walked on many renowned runways. She is also pursuing a career in acting alongside her successful modeling career.

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