NS. Encountering Patches, the adorable cat and his weight loss journey has captured the hearts of millions online.

This heartwarming story gives a new meaning to the phrase “fat cat.” When Kay Ford first saw Patches, she instantly fell in love with him. Patches is an impressive feline weighing a whopping 40.3 pounds, making him bigger than your typical house cat. The story started when Kay’s daughter sent her a Facebook post from Richmond Animal Care and Control, seeking someone to adopt the supersized cat. The post was humorous, asking if anyone was ready to take on the largest cat ever seen. From that moment on, Kay and Patches became close friends.


Meet Patches, the adorable feline that has captured the hearts of millions online. Kay Ford was browsing through a shelter’s post seeking someone to help an overweight cat shed some pounds when she knew she had to intervene. Patches previously weighed a whopping 42 pounds before he was handed over by his previous owners. With a diet and exercise regime in place, Patches is on his way to achieving a healthy weight. Despite his size, Patches is a friendly cat, as described by Adoption and Intake Coordinator, Savannah Hughes. After posting his photo on Facebook, the shelter was inundated with adoption requests for Patches. However, they opted to go with Ford due to her extensive experience in pet ownership and her willingness to help Patches on his weight loss journey.


Kay Ford happily opened her doors to Patches, a hefty 6-year-old feline tipping the scales at 40.3 pounds, who had been staying at RACC for two weeks. Since joining the household, Patches has met his new fur siblings: Bella, a 13-year-old Yorkie, who doesn’t seem to mind his arrival, and Wellesley, a 2-year-old cat who bears an uncanny resemblance to Patches. Although Wellesley is taking a while to get used to the newcomer, Ford is optimistic that they will eventually bond since he is quite attached to his “mama.”

Kay Ford is determined to help Patches shed some pounds, despite the obstacles in their way. Patches’ previous owners were a little too generous with treats, resulting in his noticeable weight gain. Fortunately, Patches had a history with a veterinarian, and his medical records will be passed on to his new doctor. Getting Patches to exercise is going to require patience, but even taking small steps can make a significant difference. While Patches is capable of walking, he tends to move at a leisurely pace and needs some motivation to keep going. Surprisingly, Patches isn’t a big eater, and Kay is ensuring that he eats regular meals for now.

Once Patches has made himself comfortable in his new home, he is bound to have some thrilling escapades in store for him. To keep a record of his progress towards shedding those extra pounds and to document all the exciting events in his life, Kay Ford has launched a Facebook page that has already amassed over 5,000 followers in just a week’s time. Kay’s main objective is to give Patches all the support he needs as he embarks on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. She is excited about the possibilities that await Patches in the future. Although Patches appears nervous, Kay is hopeful that his dynamic and lively personality will shine through once he loses weight.

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