On the pitch is a football legend, at home Messi is a great father with a different way of teaching children to “suffer” Ronaldo

Lionel Messi is a cult Argentinian football star. At the age of 35, the male player is considered a living legend of the poppy village with many prestigious awards such as the Golden Ball, the European Golden Shoe…

Not only was he a great player on the football field, but Messi was also known as the “national” father”. All of that is proven by Messi in his own child education style. Despite possessing a huge fortune, Messi did not pamper his children. In contrast, the children of the Argentinian superstar grew up with a very normal life like any other child. Because for male players, teaching children is simply “waking up with them every morning”.

Lionel Messi admits to being a strict father - Photo 1.

Currently, Messi has 3 sons and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo, respectively Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. The 3 boys each have their own personality, The little-talking and quiet Thiago, the two Mateo, was funny and the lovely little Ciro.


Messi with 3 sons

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There is no need to think about how busy Messi is with his peak “baker” career. And common sense, such busy people if they go home will also spend time relaxing and resting. However, Messi did not. Despite the intensity of training and intense competition, the 35-year-old father always tries to spend his free time with his small family. When to be a reporter of the newspaper Argentina Ole ask “What is the family to you?”, Messi had an extremely moving answer:

“Family for me is everything, everything. I am very lucky to be able to spend a lot of time with my family. There are families where parents must work all day and not go home until late at night. My parents used to work so hard. Therefore, I must not play with my parents much.

For now, I’m lucky to spend time with my kids almost all day, being able to take a small shuttle to school, Take away soccer or other activities. I like to spend time with my small family”.

Lionel Messi admits to being a strict father - Photo 2.

Messi always spends all his time with his family

Every morning, instead of waking up late Messi gets up very early to have fun with the kids and have breakfast with them. The football superstar shared, though many times the kids were so mischievous that he had to … go crazy but he still felt happy and grateful for that. He always took the kids to school and then darkened to coax his little angels to sleep. And he asserted: “I like to do it every day!”.

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If Ronaldo – Messi’s rival period teaches children extremely sternly with strict training, then Messi will let me develop instinctively, Do not want to weigh the pressure on the child. Accordingly, Messi always wants his children to develop the inherent abilities of a child.

“Cry Thiago loves to shoot the ball. But the truth is it is too small. It prefers to sit in a carriage and ferris wheel rather than play football now. It will choose what it wants by itself”, Messi for good.

Although I know you have a gift to play football like your father, the male player still doesn’t set a framework, Only create the best conditions for children to develop talent. Therefore, we won’t seem to see stressful workouts or rarely run soccer on the pitch with our children but Messi is always watching his development journey. Letting me be satisfied with playing fun like arranging, racing, or taking soft skills courses is still the core of this shadow village’s parenting.

Lionel Messi admits to being a strict father - Photo 1.

Social media fans also rarely find training pictures with Messi’s children. Instead of images traveling with family, or his children playing the fun of children

Lionel Messi admits to being a strict father - Photo 2.

Other wear, from a young age, Messi had a rickets and it was supposed that this superstar had to give his children harsh training from an early age to improve his fitness but he didn’t. Messi is always wrapped, pampering children. Perhaps because Messi’s father also raised him in this way, Messi also wanted to take time to hunt for his children, to develop instinctively.

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In 1 interview with Argentina La Garganta Poderosa, Messi divided the expression that education is the foundation of everything. Indeed, he has always upheld education and the role of parents in parenting. Particularly known is in the way of teaching children about a frugal, minimalistic lifestyle.

The football star said he tried to let the three sons understand that they could not take the affluent life for granted. In essence, Messi always tries to teach children to understand the value of everything so that they understand that they will have to work to make money every day and not think, They are lucky to be able to have many things easily.

Không chỉ cừ khôi trên sân cỏ, Messi còn là ông bố tuyệt vời trong cách dạy con! - Ảnh 5.

Messi has always upheld education and the role of parents in how to educate children

In particular, in an opening to family life in an interview with an Argentinian journalist, the 35-year-old football star confessed: “Between me and my wife, I am more strict with my children.

It is known that Messi’s wife is calm, she spends the most time with her children because he often has to be away from home to compete. However, the children are still more afraid of Messi every time he scolds them.

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