Oops, She Did It Again! Jennifer Lawrence Tumbles While Dodging Rain at X-Men: Apocalypse Fan Screening in London

Even though Jennifer Lawrence looked absolutely stunning in her Dior dress during the global fan screening of X-Men: Apocalypse in London on Monday, she still managed to take a fall on the red carpet. The 25-year-old actress stumbled while trying to avoid the rain outside the BFI IMAX, where she was joined by her co-stars James McAvoy, Olivia Munn, and Sophie Turner. Thankfully, she was able to break her fall by landing on an aide’s shoulder. Despite her minor mishap, Jennifer still managed to smile and wave at the cameras like a pro.

Standing tall: Jennifer Lawrence looked incredible as she turned out for the X-Men: Apocalypse global fan screening in London on Monday night, but was yet to suffer another fall from grace

Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning at the X-Men: Apocalypse fan screening in London, but unfortunately, she suffered yet another fall in front of the cameras. This is not the first time Jennifer has stumbled at public events, and it has become almost more famous than her beautiful outfits. Her most notable fall was at the Madrid premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, where she fell up some steps due to her dress getting caught in her Jimmy Choo heels. Her other two falls occurred at separate Academy Awards ceremonies, the most famous being when she tripped up the stairs to collect her Best Actress award for Silver Linings Playbook. Despite these mishaps, Jennifer continues to stand tall and shine in the spotlight.

Woah! She contorted her body to regain her balance but it almost seemed like it was too late

Wow! She twisted her frame in an attempt to steady herself, but it appeared as if she had almost missed the opportunity to do so.

All caught up: It seemed to be the length that caught her out

Graceful: By now she's used to falling over in front of the cameras

Grabbing a shooting star: It was a relief to see that the individual beside her managed to hold on to it.

Had you worried there: She laughed off the blunder with the fellow red carpet stars

You were probably concerned for a moment, but she brushed off the mistake while joking with her fellow celebrities on the red carpet.

During the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony, Jennifer Lawrence encountered a mishap as she made her way to the stage to collect her Best Actress Oscar. Her voluminous Dior couture gown caused her to stumble and trip up.

Laughing it off! Showing her good humour, Jennifer looked shocked but laughed off the blunder

Jennifer took the blunder in stride and displayed her good sense of humour by laughing it off, even though she appeared surprised.

Not again! At the Oscars the following year, in 2014, Jennifer tripped over a traffic cone on the red carpet and was helped up by then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult

Oh no, not another mishap! During the 2014 Oscars, Jennifer stumbled over a traffic cone while walking the red carpet. Thankfully, her then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult was there to assist her in getting back on her feet.

Woops: The stunner was all flailing limbs

In a heap: She landed in a heap on the red carpet steps

Jennifer Lawrence has had some embarrassing falls on the red carpet in the past. In November 2015, she stumbled up the steps at the Madrid premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 after getting her heel caught in her black dress. The following year, she fell to her knees while walking the red carpet at the Oscars and was helped up by her then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. Despite these mishaps, the good-humored actress takes it all in stride and even pokes fun at herself. However, she is keen to address those who suggest that her clumsiness is all part of an act. Following her second fall at the 2014 Oscars, she said, “I’m trying to do the right thing, waving to the fans, trying to be nice, and there’s a traffic cone. The second I hit it, I was laughing, but on the inside I was like, ‘You’re f***ed. They’re totally going to think this is an act.'” Jennifer Lawrence remains a popular movie star and always steals the show with her stunning outfits.

Turning heads: She'd put on quite an incredible display for the cameras that night

Attracting attention: She had certainly showcased her remarkable performance in front of the cameras during that evening.

Busty display: Her dress revealed her ample chest

Red-lipped: She completed the display with a scarlet lip

The gorgeous actress made quite an entrance in her stunning silver ensemble, a silk dress featuring an elegant keyhole design. She topped off her look with some beautiful Pomellato jewelry, adding a touch of glamour to her outfit.

Cheeky: The dress even shared a glimpse of her pert behind, which she presented with a 360 in front of the cameras

Playful: The dress gave a teasing peek of her perky posterior, which she playfully flaunted in front of the cameras with a full turn.
Elegant: The gorgeous celebrity donned a Dior gown for the occasion and beautifully complemented it with a bold, red lipstick.

Easy does it: The blonde had to steady herself as she passed through the crowds

The blonde woman had to maintain her balance while navigating through the throngs of people. She joked that if she had planned a mishap, she would have done it at a different event, such as the Golden Globes or SAG Awards since she is a fan of the TV show Homeland and considers herself crafty. Jennifer seemed to be having a great time on Monday until she stumbled on the blue carpet, in front of eager fans and cameras. She wore a revealing slinky dress with a keyhole detail on the chest and a backless design completed with a sexy criss-cross pattern. The latest film in the X-Men franchise, following the success of director Bryan Singer’s critically acclaimed X-Men: Days Of Future Past, is highly anticipated.

Awkward: Jennifer and James McAvoy, along with Oscar Isaac appeared to have been caught at an awkward moment

Better: The trio of Jennifer, James McAvoy, and Oscar Isaac seemed to have been captured in a candid moment that may have felt slightly uncomfortable.

Jokers: The two male actors appeared to praise Jennifer's ample bosom as they were pictured chatting on the red carpet

On the red carpet, two male actors were seen admiring Jennifer’s voluptuous chest in a complimentary manner.

An eye on the neckline: Jennifer's right-hand woman seemed to be on hand to keep a check on her neckline

It appears that Jennifer had someone by her side who was carefully monitoring her neckline.

No busting out: It was essential to have someone on hand to keep her ample chest in the right place, it seemed

Avoiding wardrobe malfunctions: It was crucial to have a helper who could ensure that her well-endowed chest remained properly secured.

Standing out: Jennifer towered over her co-star James McAvoy with her daring neckline at his eyeline

Towering over him: Jennifer made James look diminuitive

Jennifer caught everyone’s attention as she outclassed her co-star James McAvoy with her bold neckline, which was right in his sightline.

Shake it off: The co-stars shared a few giggles in front of the cameras, no doubt laughing off her accident

Jennifer caught everyone’s attention as she stood tall, towering over her co-star James McAvoy. Her bold neckline drew all eyes towards her and left a lasting impression.

Turning heads: Jennifer also seemed to distract director Simon Kinberg (right)

Jennifer caught the attention of director Simon Kinberg, who appeared to be distracted by her presence.

Gorgeous girls: The female cast, includes Olivia Munn, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner and Alexandra Shipp

The stunning ladies who make up the female cast of this production are none other than Olivia Munn, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, and Alexandra Shipp.

Group shot: (Top from left) Oscar Isaac, Lana Condor, Carolina Bartczak, Olivia Munn, Evan Peters, Director Bryan Singer, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner and Alexandra Shipp, (Bottom row L-R) James McAvoy, Tye Sheridan, ben Hardy and Tomas Lemarquis

A photograph captures the cast and crew of a movie in a group shot. On the top row, we can see Oscar Isaac, Lana Condor, Carolina Bartczak, Olivia Munn, Evan Peters, Director Bryan Singer, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, and Alexandra Shipp. Meanwhile, on the bottom row from left to right are James McAvoy, Tye Sheridan, Ben Hardy, and Tomas Lemarquis.

Simply stunning: Jennifer looked every inch the Hollywood leading lady during her big night

Jennifer was an absolute knockout and radiated Hollywood glamour on her special evening.

Stars on show: Lana Condor and Olivia Munn were also captured in stunning black and white shots

Stars on show: Lana Condor and Olivia Munn were also captured in stunning black and white shots

Lana Condor and Olivia Munn were also featured in mesmerizing black and white photographs alongside Jennifer, who portrays the character of Raven/Mystique. The actress looked ethereal with her platinum waves, paired with bold red lipstick. Jennifer has been a part of all three recent X-Men movies, including the first one, X-Men: First Class. The latest movie, titled Apocalypse, revolves around the most powerful mutant in Marvel’s X-Men universe, who is immortal and unbeatable. After sleeping for thousands of years, he assembles a team of mighty mutants, including Magneto (played by Fassbender), who is disillusioned with humanity, to establish a new world order under his rule. With the planet’s fate hanging in the balance, Raven (portrayed by Jennifer) and Professor X (played by James McAvoy) must lead a group of young X-Men to prevent their greatest adversary and save mankind from utter destruction.

Hot on her heels: Co-star Olivia Munn was stealing some of that show-stopping spotlight

Right behind her: Olivia Munn, her co-star, was also turning heads
Stunning: Olivia flaunted her impressive physique as she made an appearance in downtown London.

Looking good: Dressing for the warmer weather, the Oklahoma-born performer was dressed-to-impress as she attended the fan-focused event

Appearing at a fan-focused event, the performer hailing from Oklahoma dressed up splendidly for the warm weather.

On fashion form: Keeping accessorises to a minimum, she resisted the temptation to wear a necklace or rings, instead choosing some matching make-up

Rear view: Olivia showcased her curvaceous shape as she posed up a storm for photographers

Regarding fashion choices, the individual featured in the article opted to forego excessive accessories and instead opted for matching makeup. Despite facing a setback, they were still able to stand out among their glamorous co-stars, including Olivia Munn and Sophie Turner, who both looked stunning in their respective outfits. Olivia wore a gold midi skirt with a halterneck crop top that showed off her toned abs, paired with metallic heels that complemented the triangle detail of her skirt. She kept her makeup simple and let her long, dark hair steal the show. Meanwhile, Sophie went for a more understated but still sultry look in black. Sophie left fans impressed with her bold fashion choice when she made an appearance on Monday.

Looking good: Clearly dressed to impress, the British-born star wore a dramatic dress which was emboldened by cheeky sheer panels

Appearing stunning, the star hailing from Great Britain donned a striking dress that was accentuated by daring sheer panels. The outfit choice was undoubtedly meant to turn heads and make an impression.

Statement wear: She added a pair of strappy shoes to the mix, which were enhanced by the hemline being decorated with jet-black tassels

Fashion statement: To complete her look, she included a stunning set of strappy footwear that matched perfectly with the black tassels adorning the hemline.

Handsome: Scottish actor James also turned heads in his formal approach, which saw him wear a navy blue two-piece suit with a crisp, white shirt

James, the charming Scottish actor, caught everyone’s attention with his sophisticated appearance. He chose to wear a navy blue two-piece suit and paired it with a sharp white shirt. It was a stunning formal look that suited him perfectly.

Dapper dude: James surely delighted fans as he attended the fan-focused bash in Leicester Square 

James McAvoy made fans happy as he showed up at a fan-focused party in Leicester Square. He wore a navy blue suit over a crisp, white shirt with an open collar, looking dapper. However, his co-star Jennifer overshadowed him in a floor-length gown with sheer panels on each side, revealing a bodysuit underneath. Jennifer’s dangerous heels made her look towering and made James appear diminutive in comparison. Ben Hardy, who played Peter Beale in EastEnders, also joined the guests on the blue carpet to celebrate his big screen role. Lana Condor looked stunning in a floor-length pink dress with a slight trail.

Give us a wave: The rising star was clearly on fine form as she flirted with awaiting media 

Say hello: The up-and-coming talent was in great spirits as she playfully interacted with the press.
Pose for the camera: Alexandra Shipp impressed her admirers with a stunning appearance, proudly showing off her long legs at the occasion.

Looking good: The actress opted for a daring black lace and leather dress, which flaunted plenty of skin

The actress chose to don a bold and edgy dress crafted from black lace and leather that showcased ample skin.

Getting pictures: She got up close and personal with the crowds that night

Capturing images: She got intimately involved with the throngs of people that evening.

All smiles: She was enjoying herself

Chatting away: She gave an interview in the midst of her moment

Jennifer’s attire was quite revealing as she signed fan photographs, her chest spilling out of her dress.

Taking her time: She poured over the responses to fans, especially since it was an event dedicated to the following

She carefully examined the replies to her fans, particularly as it was a special occasion that focused on her audience.

Taking the time: The superstar was dedicating her red carpet moment to those who had waited in the rain

The celebrity took a moment to show her gratitude towards those who braved the rain and waited patiently to catch a glimpse of her on the red carpet. She appreciated their dedication and wanted to make sure that they knew it.

Smouldering: She smouldered down the lens with her scarlet lips in tact

Confident: She rotated to reveal her pert derriere for the cameras

Assured: She turned around to flaunt her shapely backside to the photographers.

Going braless: It was a braless display from the silver screen stunner

Free from bras: The gorgeous actress flaunted a braless look on the silver screen. She looked amazing from every angle, effortlessly carrying her high heels until the unfortunate stumble.

Big screen star: The star of EastEnders, Ben Hardy, has landed himself a role in the new film and couldn't wait to hit the red carpet

Famous actor, Ben Hardy, known for his role in EastEnders, is now part of the cast of an upcoming movie. He was thrilled to attend the premiere and walk down the red carpet.

Other notable guests present at the occasion were celebrities like David Furnish, who happens to be Elton John’s spouse.

Keeping dry: On the way to the event, the blonde was very conscious of getting wet

Staying dry: While en route to the occasion, the fair-haired person was highly aware of avoiding any dampness.

Red carpet ready: Nothing was going to ruin her look

British weather: She wasn't able to rely on the weather

Taking cover: It was clear that Jennifer’s attempt to avoid the rain wouldn’t have a positive outcome.

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