Selena Gomez Unveils Unseen Charms: Exclusive Outtakes from Marie Claire’s June 2016 Issue



In a dazzling revisit to the glamour of 2016, Selena Gomez opens the vault to reveal enchanting outtakes from her captivating Marie Claire Magazine photoshoot, offering fans an exclusive glimpse into the unseen charms of the pop sensation.


Selena Gomez, the pop sensation and style icon, takes us on a visual journey back to June 2016, sharing a collection of mesmerizing outtakes from her Marie Claire Magazine feature. These exclusive images capture Gomez in moments of candid allure, showcasing a side of the artist that goes beyond the polished veneer of the publication’s pages.

The outtakes provide an intimate view into the making of a Marie Claire cover story, offering fans a behind-the-scenes peek at the collaboration between Gomez and the lens. Each frame tells a story, a frozen moment where the artist’s charisma and natural beauty shine through.

As fans delve into the collection, they witness the evolution of Gomez’s style and the quiet confidence that has become synonymous with her brand. From playful candid shots to striking poses, the outtakes transform the Marie Claire photoshoot into a dynamic visual narrative that captures the essence of Gomez’s multifaceted persona.


Selena Gomez’s decision to share outtakes from her June 2016 Marie Claire photoshoot becomes a delightful gift to fans, allowing them to relive the magic of that moment in time. The exclusive collection of images not only showcases Gomez’s timeless allure but also adds a layer of authenticity to her public image, making this visual journey a cherished exploration of the unseen charms that define the pop sensation.SELENA GOMEZ (86).jpgSELENA GOMEZ (87).jpgSELENA GOMEZ (88).jpg

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