Selena Gomez’s Manhattan Stroll in Pretty Pink Attire – A 2017 Fashion Throwback

In the heart of Manhattan back in 2017, Selena Gomez turned heads with her eye-catching pink outfit. The talented actress and singer made a fashion statement as she took to the streets of the city that never sleeps.


Selena Gomez 2017 : Selena Gomez in Pink Out in Manhattan -07

The pop sensation, celebrated for her evolving style, made quite the impression with her choice of attire. While the specifics of her pink ensemble may be a distant memory, one thing remains clear: Selena Gomez’s innate ability to captivate both the public and the paparazzi with her fashion sense and natural beauty.


In a delightful fashion throwback, we revisit Selena Gomez’s enchanting Manhattan stroll in 2017, where the pop sensation graced the streets in an ensemble that effortlessly blended sophistication with playful charm. Gomez, a trendsetter in the world of fashion, showcased her timeless style in a pretty pink attire that became an iconic moment in her fashion journey.

The ensemble, consisting of a chic pink dress and matching heels, reflected Gomez’s ability to balance elegance and casual flair. The choice of color not only complemented her radiant personality but also added a touch of vibrancy to the bustling streets of Manhattan.

Selena Gomez in Pink Out in Manhattan

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