Seth Meyers Jokes with Wife Alexi Ashe – ‘Very Happy’ Jennifer Lawrence Admits Longtime Affection

In a lighthearted and delightful segment on Seth Meyers’ show, the host shared a humorous exchange with his wife, Alexi Ashe, who playfully revealed her happiness. Alongside this, Jennifer Lawrence openly acknowledged her long-standing affection for Seth.

Supportive: Seth Meyers revealed his wife Alexi Ashe’s unexpected reaction to learning Jennifer Lawrence had been harboring an unrequited crush on him for years; seen in 2023

Crushing: While speaking about the Oscar-winning actress’ confession that she had feelings for the Emmy winner during a 2016 appearance on his late-night talk show host, the 49-year-old host admitted to feeling ‘very flattered’

‘My wife was so happy,’ he said on Monday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show. ‘She was just: ‘I’m so happy Jennifer Lawrence told you that story! I’m so glad that you have that in your back pocket every single day’

Despite her attraction to Meyers, he insisted he was completely oblivious since he was already engaged to Ashe, 40.

‘I was engaged, so obviously I would never have a flirt radar up,’ he explained to Stern.

During his 12 and a half seasons on SNL, the comedian said he ‘never had the bandwidth to flirt with anyone’ as he always felt ‘filthy and sweaty and stressed.’

Meyers went on to joke that Lawrence’s past crush on him, before she met her now-husband Cooke Maroney in the spring of 2018, ‘reflects poorly’ on her taste in men.

In 2015, Lawrence said she was set to ask him out ‘years ago’ while hosting Saturday Night Live.

‘I had a really big crush on you,’ Jennifer, who hosted the show in January 2013, said while noting that she created the romance in her head ‘because I’m delusional.’

Jennifer said she expected Seth to ask her out, but then decided later in the week during a costume fitting to ask him out.

‘And thank god I talked to the wardrobe lady and I was like, ”I think I’m going to ask Seth Meyers out. I’m going to give him my number.” And she was like, ”Honey, he’s engaged.”

Going strong: Meyers and Ashe, who is a human rights attorney, got engaged in July 2013, five years after first meeting at a wedding in 2008 (pictured in 2019)

Perfect match: Meanwhile, Lawrence wed Maroney in October 2019 after one year of dating; seen in 2023

The interaction was filled with laughter and warmth, providing a glimpse into the genuine and enjoyable atmosphere of the show. Both moments, from Alexi’s joyous jest to Jennifer’s candid admission, were heartwarming and brought smiles to the audience’s faces.

This light-hearted and amusing segment reminds us that laughter and authenticity are the keys to joy and connection, making it a delightful and memorable part of the show.

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