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Lionel Messi of Argentina celebrates his goal in the second half against Jamaica at Red Bull Arena on September 27, 2022 in Harrison, New Jersey....

The coach of the Argentina team has shared some insights on the unique bond that exists between his players and Lionel Messi. In a recent interview with AFA Estudio’s Camino a la Tercera, Lionel Scaloni highlighted the crucial role of teamwork in his team’s journey towards victory in the 2022 World Cup. As a coach, he recognizes the value of fostering strong relationships among his players to unite them towards achieving their common goal.

Lionel Messi of Argentina lifts the trophy with teammates after winning the final of Copa America Brazil 2021 between Brazil and Argentina at...

Scaloni remarked that in terms of skill, there isn’t much difference between the top teams. However, team cohesion is what sets them apart. He cited Cuti (Cristian Romero), Nahuel Molina, and Lisandro Martinez as examples. According to him, these players would even go to the extent of sacrificing for each other.

Lionel Messi of Argentina celebrates with teammate Sergio Ag├╝ero after scoring the third goal of his team during a Group A match between Argentina...

The coach from Argentina expressed that the players have known each other for a significant amount of time, and spend most of their days together. If one player makes a mistake, the other may lend them money or reassure them that everything is okay. Although this may seem trivial, the coach believes it is crucial. He stated that the solidarity between the players is excellent, using Lionel Messi as an example. The players view Messi as the best player in history and are willing to make sacrifices for him. The coach believes that this type of camaraderie is vital in football and can make a significant impact.


In a recent interview with AFA Estudio, Scaloni shared about the strong bond between the Argentine National Team’s coaching staff and players. He revealed that their closeness makes them more susceptible to both good and bad situations. Any issues faced by the players, such as family problems, affect the whole team since they consider themselves as a family. Scaloni emphasized that despite each person having a specific role, on an emotional level, they all support and care for each other. He expressed his love for the team and affirmed that they belong together. Additionally, Argentine players are known to be willing to go to great lengths and even sacrifice their lives for Messi, showcasing their unshakable loyalty towards their star player.

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