“Unleashing the Beat: Shakira and Nick Jonas Join Forces for NBC’s Dancing Solo – A Refreshing Spin on Reality Talent Shows”

On Monday, Shakira and Nick Jonas reunited at Radio City Music Hall to promote their new project called Dancing with Myself. The show is an eight-episode series that was co-created by Shakira and Liza Koshy, which will premiere on NBC on May 31. Inspired by TikTok, the show features Shakira and Jonas as “saviors” who come to the rescue of contestants who have been eliminated by the audience. During a casual interview with TODAY, Shakira explained that their role in the show is to save people who have been eliminated.

Three-time Grammy winner Shakira (R) reunited with two-time Grammy nominee Nick Jonas (L) onstage Radio City Music Hall on Monday to promote their new competition Dancing with Myself during the NBCUniversal Upfront

At the NBCUniversal Upfront event, Shakira and Nick Jonas made an appearance at Radio City Music Hall to promote their latest venture, Dancing with Myself. The competition will feature 12 participants who will perform dances created by a panel of judges in separate pods. The audience present will then decide who will be awarded with the cash prize. Shakira emphasized that the show is not about virtuosity or technicality but rather about individuals expressing their love and passion for the art of dance. The contestants come from diverse backgrounds such as kids, doctors, teachers, construction workers, pilots, and dentists. Although the judges have the task of deciding who will advance in the competition, they aim to be less critical than those seen on other reality shows such as The Voice.

Not judges! The Colombian 45-year-old (M) and Liza Koshy (R) co-created the TikTok-inspired eight-episode series - premiering May 31 on NBC - where they serve as 'saviors' alongside the 29-year-old New Jersey boy (L)

Why bother with judges when you can have a Colombian man in his 40s and Liza Koshy teaming up to produce an original eight-episode series inspired by the popular app, TikTok? This exciting show will debut on May 31st on NBC, with the duo acting as “saviors” alongside a talented 29-year-old from New Jersey.

Shakira told TODAY on Monday: 'We have to save people after they get eliminated by the audience. That's our job, to save who we consider should stay in the show. Less judgy than The Voice'

In a recent interview with TODAY, Shakira stressed the significance of rescuing contestants who are voted out by the viewers. The judges have the task of deciding who they think deserves to progress in the competition, and their approach is less harsh than that of other programs such as The Voice.

'The show is not about virtuosity': Camille Kostek hosts Dancing with Myself where 12 contestants perform dances created by the panel in separate pods and the studio audience decides who gets the cash prize

Camille Kostek leads the entertaining show Dancing with Myself, which highlights creativity over technical expertise. In this program, participants showcase their distinct dance routines crafted by a panel in different pods. The viewers have the power to pick the champion who will receive a cash reward.

The Te Felicito songstress clarified: 'It's about people expressing their passion for dancing and their love of dance. You don't have to be an expert and most of them aren't. There's kids, you know, there's doctors and teachers. We've had construction workers, pilots, and a lot of dentists'

The creator of the popular tune “Te Felicito” has clarified that the song is an ode to the love of dance, regardless of one’s level of proficiency. The music video showcases dancers from all walks of life, including children, doctors, teachers, construction workers, pilots, and dentists. Shakira (Ripoli) attended an industry event donning sky-high black booties to increase her visibility to advertisers and journalists. Her outfit consisted of a strapless red flounced top and black high-waisted trousers that accentuated her waistline. Beatriz Matallana styled her long, natural waves while keeping her makeup simple. Nick, on the other hand, opted for a casual look at his press appearance, wearing a chambray blazer, red-striped V-neck sweater, blue pants, and white Nike sneakers.

Teetering: Shakira (last name Ripoli) gave her petite 5ft2in figure a big boost with sky-high black booties

The stiletto-heeled shoes helped her better be seen by advertisers and journalists attending the industry event

Shakira Ripoli, who is just 5ft2in tall, wore towering black boots to make herself noticeable among the advertisers and journalists at the industry event. She balanced herself gracefully on these boots.

Fierce at 45! The Emmy-nominated Super Bowl Halftime headliner wore a strapless red flounced top with black high-waisted trousers, which showed a hint of her waistline

At the age of 45, the Super Bowl Halftime artist who was nominated for an Emmy looked absolutely gorgeous. She wore a strapless flounced top in a bright red color and paired it with black high-waisted pants that accentuated her waistline. While performing, she radiated with strength and self-assurance.

Let her natural beauty shine through: Beatriz Matallana coiffed Shakira's waist-length natural waves and she applied minimal make-up on the pop star

Shakira flaunted her natural waist-length waves styled by Beatriz Matallana, while keeping her make-up minimal to showcase her innate beauty. Meanwhile, Jonas rocked a trucker cap that reads ‘Student of the game. Being of the Earth.’ He shared his excitement on Instastory and expressed his anticipation for fans to watch the show. On Sunday, the Don’t Wait Up singer took her two sons, Milan and Sasha, to watch a baseball game between the New York Mets and Seattle Mariners at Citi Field in Queens, which the Mariners won. It was an enjoyable day for everyone involved!

Texas tuxedo: Nick opted to meet the press wearing a casual chambray blazer over a red-striped V-neck sweater, matching blue pants, and white Nike sneakers

Nick decided to give the press a casual welcome by wearing a comfortable chambray blazer and a red-striped V-neck sweater. He matched it with blue trousers that went well with his blazer and white Nike sneakers. This outfit can also be referred to as a “Texas tuxedo.”

Jonas topped off his ensemble with a trucker cap emblazoned with the phrase: 'Student of the game. Being of the Earth'

Jonas topped off his outfit with a trucker cap that read: ‘Becoming an expert. Born to be wild.’

The Jonas Brothers boybander gushed via Instastory: 'What a fun day! Can't wait for you all to see this show!'

On Instagram, one of the Jonas Brothers expressed his excitement about his day and hinted at an upcoming show. Shakira also shared her excitement about a recent concert, stating that her children were impressed by the Jumbotron, which was larger than what she typically used during her performances. Unfortunately, her partner of 12 years, Gerard Piqué, was not able to attend the event held in New York City. According to her schedule, Shakira is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday alongside Michelle Dockery and T. Murph.

Play ball! On Sunday, the Don't Wait Up singer treated her two sons - Milan, 9; and Sasha, 7 - to a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Seattle Mariners (who won) at Citi Field in Queens

Ready for some sports action? This past weekend, the gifted vocalist behind “Don’t Wait Up” treated her two boys, Milan (aged 9) and Sasha (aged 7), to an enjoyable game of baseball. The thrilling match went down at Citi Field in Queens, featuring a head-to-head battle between the New York Mets and the Seattle Mariners, with the latter team emerging victorious in the end.

Shakira - who boasts 284.5M social media followers - wrote: 'My kids always thought I had the biggest screens at my concerts. Now they know nothing beats a Jumbotron'

Shakira, who has a huge fan base of 284.5 million on various social media platforms, recently revealed that her kids thought the screens at her concerts were the biggest until they saw a Jumbotron. They now know that nothing can top it.

Decade age gap: Missing from New York City was the contralto crooner's Spanish boyfriend of 12 years, FC Barcelona centre-back Gerard Piqué (R, pictured February 14)

The female singer with a deep voice, who is Gerard Piqué’s significant other, was seen alone in New York City in a photo taken on February 14th. It’s worth noting that Gerard Piqué, who plays as a centre-back for FC Barcelona, is 12 years younger than her.

Monday! Shakira is next scheduled to appear on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon alongside Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery and comedian T. Murph

The beginning of a fresh week brings excitement as Shakira is set to grace the stage of NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. For this particular show, Shakira will be accompanied by actress Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey and comedian T. Murph. We can expect a night full of laughter and entertainment!

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